Organo Gold Coffee Now Available In Raleigh North Carolina !

Hello Raleigh!

I am Torsha Lynch an independent Organo Gold distributor based in Raleigh North Carolina. I work in and around the area of Raleigh, Durham, and Garner and also have an online Organo store

I am excited to tell you about Organo Gold, a coffee unlike any other. Whether you usually get your coffee at the local grocery stores, diners, or Raleigh espresso drive-through, I invite you to try Organo Gold Coffee

Ganoderma Coffee, is not only tasty, it is bringing the miracle of Ganoderma to Raleigh.

Organo Gold coffee contains Ganoderma Lucidum, an herb that was discovered 4,000 years before Raleigh was ever built. This special herb has many key ingredients for all men and women.

Organo Gold uses the world’s second favorite beverage (after water) to deliver the goodness of Ganoderma to Grand Prairie coffee drinkers.

I would love to make you a hot cup of Organo Gold so you can experience it for yourself. Give me a call at   914-473-2761   to try Organo Gold in Raleigh/Durham area.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Torsha Ruby Lynch
Independent Organo Gold Distributor
Raleigh, NC

Organo Gold also offers an income opportunity that is as simple as inviting friends over for coffee.

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“The Benz Club” is an exclusive program from Organo Gold where distributors can receive extra income for the lease or payment of a brand new Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, or Lamborghini.

Now that’s incentive!


Because the OG Lifestyle is the #1 lifestyle
in the world, we introduce “The OG Benz Club.”

Call  914-473-2761 to join an expanding global coffee company that just makes sense.






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Rapidly growing company helps you live a better life.

Rapidly growing company helps you live a better life 

 Internationally acclaimed, Organo Gold is breaking records. It’s Vice President of Sales, Holton Buggs ranked #2 on the MLM charts with earnings of $7.2 million annually* in less than 3 years. Distributors are freeing themselves from the chains of 9 to 5. Al ready we have launched in 13 countries including Mexico, Greece, London, Georgia, Florida and many more.  

 People all over the world drink coffee, which makes this opportunity irresistible. This year the company launched products in Greece, London and this month of July 2011 the Dominican Republic. The growth continues as more and more people sample the benefits of a coffee that is both tasty and healthy. Wouldn’t you like to enjoy a cup of coffee, improve your health and reap the rewards, too?

Events are being held in the bronx in spanish and english on Tuesdays.

The events offer an opportunity to learn how you make money without working for someone else. If you have a   great work ethic and love to help people, this could be the start of a new life.

 We invite you to come and taste the magic of delicious Gourmet Coffee. for a location near you.

Torsha Lynch


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Payless for healthy coffee

Payless for healthy coffee

Free coffee for everyone that wants to taste the magic!

Why are the Organo Gold distributors giving away free coffee?  It has been said that the best things in life are free. We understand that we are at the forefront of a major movement and we want to share it everyone. Do you remember when Aol was just getting started? Aol shipped out free cd’s by the thousands because they were confident in the service that they would once provide on mass scale. Organo Gold is sure to succeed in a very short matter of time. ” hey we got it and are paying it forward to prove it’. We are convinced that we all have an advantage to be apart of something great from the beginning. Now I am exited because it is really starting to spread New York. We have bought together the number one addiction with the number one herb( Coffee and Ganoderma) This is a new invention of healthy gourmet coffee. If you are reading this, and have been looking for a way to have better options in life, more time with your kids, to be able to do the things that you have always wanted to do, then don’t look any further. Our Company has put together a plan that will allow us to achieve our goals in life. If you or anyone you know drink coffee or tea at least occasionally. You can go ahead and request your free sample with information today.

Choose from Black, Latte, Mocha or Organic Green Tea.

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Healthy Coffee Comes to Brooklyn

Healthy Coffee Comes to Brooklyn

This just in!

New York the word is out! Healthy gourmet coffee is coming to town. We have launched in 13 states and now we are touching down in New York. It’s your time to participate in the history of Organo Gold.You are invited to taste the magic and learn the secret of wealth. We will have two dynamic leaders that will show you how they put health and wealth in a cup and became financially free in under 2 years! Come and bring a friend. This will be a free event but you still will need to RSVP and select your choice of coffee.

Event Date: July 16,
Registration 12:00 pm Presentation 12:30
English Presentation

Presentation Location: MARRIOTT AT THE BROOKLYN

BROOKLYN  NYContact Torsha Lynch         914-473-2761
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The Proof is in the coffee

Speaking of great collaborations like peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies or good ole rice and peas.
OrGano Gold in a very short period of time has had two great collaborations. One is the Napoleon Hill  Foundation and the other is Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Why would these two establishments collaborate with a two year old company? Could it be the success principles, the great tasting product, or the whole idea of revolutionizing coffee. OrGano Gold is about the empowerment of individuals through the strength of team work. Organo Gold’s industry leading compensation plan makes everything possible. It’s an innovative and generous plan that will reward you for leadership and commitment. The power of OrGano Gold has already created incomes that have been life changing. It can change your life too. The Napoleon Hill Foundation has placed their stamp our their approval with OrGano Gold because of our success principles.
Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee has a reputation to be the most expensive and sought-after coffees in the world for decades.OrGano Gold introduces the one and only: Royal Brewed. Royal Brewed is OrGano Gold’s Premium Gourmet Coffee with freshly ground Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee & 100% Organic Ganoderma Spore Powder.  OrGano Gold is the world leader in 100 Per Cent Certified Ganoderma Lucidum.
Knowing these facts, other companies are looking to OrGano Gold because of our unique product.
If you have not heard of Organo Gold coffee, trust me it won’t be long before you receive a phone call or a free sample in the mail from a friend or family member. This coffee is taken by the world by storm.
Thank for reading another post about Healthy Gourmet Coffee..
 Go ahead and visit the facts below.

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Coffee is changing lives globally

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.Please feel free to leave a comment or call in to share one if you have tasted Organo Gold’s Healthy Gourmet Beverages. Documentation beats conversation and I would love your feedback on any of the products that you may have tried. You can also request a free sample so that you can  join in on some of the amazing testimonies.


Live talk show calls 347-855-8377
Press 1 to share your story or just listen
to other people share.
Coffee Break call 11:30am (est) Monday-Friday
Spilling the beans call Every  Wednesday evening at 10pm
Holistic Practitioner Marianne Noad- Shares about the functions of ganoderma
Call are all recorded Listen at your leisure

Direct library of information of clinical study

Research: Ganoderma

or Google Ganoderma, any health concern

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