Rapidly growing company helps you live a better life.

28 Jul

Rapidly growing company helps you live a better life 

 Internationally acclaimed, Organo Gold is breaking records. It’s Vice President of Sales, Holton Buggs ranked #2 on the MLM charts with earnings of $7.2 million annually* in less than 3 years. Distributors are freeing themselves from the chains of 9 to 5. Al ready we have launched in 13 countries including Mexico, Greece, London, Georgia, Florida and many more.  

 People all over the world drink coffee, which makes this opportunity irresistible. This year the company launched products in Greece, London and this month of July 2011 the Dominican Republic. The growth continues as more and more people sample the benefits of a coffee that is both tasty and healthy. Wouldn’t you like to enjoy a cup of coffee, improve your health and reap the rewards, too?

Events are being held in the bronx in spanish and english on Tuesdays.

The events offer an opportunity to learn how you make money without working for someone else. If you have a   great work ethic and love to help people, this could be the start of a new life.

 We invite you to come and taste the magic of delicious Gourmet Coffee. for a location near you.

Torsha Lynch


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