Have your coffee and drink it too


Many health practitioners are advising  patients to stay away from coffee due to the caffeine and the acid. I have been drinking coffee long enough to understand addiction. At first, I was totally in denial when a former co-worker told me that caffeine was not healthy. He further stated that it could be the cause of heart palpitations and stomach problems. I was so into coffee that I said  “That’s good for you but I gotta have my coffee”. Although this conversation was over 10 years ago,I still remembered  that conversation when I experienced the sleepless nights counting sheep. But I continued to drink it, just not after a certain time. Although caffeine is generally a stimulant, the stimulated effect it has on a person’s physiology is not only temporary but it also produces the opposite effect once it wears off.

Here is the kicker. What if you could have your coffee and drink it too? What if there was a healthy gourmet coffee that tastes as good as the coffee that you are now drinking? What if it made you feel great and made you even look better, younger with more vitality? What if it was more affordable and more convenient than the coffee that you are consuming now?

Well this coffee that I am talking about is available exclusively through Organo Gold. Because of the powerful herb that is infused into all of our beverages, you can drink it without heart burn,jitters or sour stomach.The herb is called Ganoderma lucidum and it’s 100% Organic ganoderma that is naturally logged harvest. You can not see it, smell it or taste it but you certainly will feel it.Our coffee is pre-brewed arabica beans infused with Ganoderma Lucidum.  The acidity has been removed as well as the negative effects of caffeine. It has been dried and conveniently packaged in a sachet that you can take with you in your pocket. We also have organic green tea, mocha, latte and hot chocolate for the kids as well as a nutraceutical line. We are certified in 4 countries, United States, Canada, Japan and China. The processing plant for our Ganoderma based products is manufactured with GMPstandards which are the highest in the world. The exclusive breakthrough is the “Advanced Micro-Particle Technology” that is applied to the spore cell wall-breaking scientific process. This is the foundation that guarantees Organo Gold to be the world leader in 100 Per Cent Certified Ganoderma Lucidum.

Now you have a coffee that is to your benefit. You can be addicted to health in a cup and share with the world a new revolutionized way of drinking coffee. So I invite you to go ahead leave a comment and request a free sample so that you can taste and feel the Organo Gold difference.

By Torsha Lynch



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